Choose a rain chain to replace your traditional downspout.


Whether your home is equipped with PVC, Aluminum or Zinc gutters, did you know that there's an alternative to your downspouts?

The "kusari-doi" rain chain; aesthetically pleasing, attractive and functional, you can be sure that a model from our store will certainly find its place in your home.

Visit our concept page to find out more about the history of "kusari-doi" rain chains.


1. Aesthetics and decorative appeal

Chaine de pluie Pégase

Design O Garden rain chains replace your traditional downspout, adding an unusual decorative touch to your home. As the water flows from cup to cup, you'll hear a sound akin to a torrent. At the end of a rainstorm, if you listen carefully, you may hear a high-pitched tinkle caused by the last droplets of water. The use of copper and aluminum is no coincidence, for in addition to being recyclable materials, they add a modern, luxurious touch to your home's façade.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, rain chains come from a time when technology didn't exist, bringing calm and serenity to your garden.



2. The Functional

Whether you have a rain chain made up of cups or a rain chain with rings, the main objective is to channel water as well as a downpipe. The Japanese began installing rain chains made of links on temples. However, they soon realized that, depending on the chain's design, the sound made by the trickling water was also one of the main reasons for using them, as it added a certain "zenitude" to the environment in which they were placed.


3. Easy to install

A rain chain can be installed in less than 10 minutes using the "V" hook supplied in your package. We invite you to read our article on rain chain installation. No need to call in a professional, but if you have any difficulty, our team is at your disposal by phone on +33 6 28 80 35 61 (Monday to Friday).


4. An affordable designer downspout.

Many people mistakenly think that rain chains are not affordable. Our store offers a wide range of downspouts, and we're sure you'll find the one you're looking for.


5. Easy maintenance and durability

A rain chain requires very little attention. An annual cleaning of your gutter tiles will suffice to remove leaves and other natural elements that have taken up residence in them, to prevent them from ending up in your rain chain.

Find out more in our post on rain chain cleaning.

The copper and aluminum that make up rain chains are sturdy, solid materials that are perfectly suited to the task.



6. Weather-resistant

When buying a rain chain, don't neglect the regional parameter, because depending on it, your Japanese downspout can potentially show its limits. In fact, depending on the region you live in, it's important to choose the right cup model (Small or Large).

In regions where rainfall is more prevalent, you'll need to prioritize large gutters, as they can handle large flows of water and prevent splashing, which can damage surrounding elements such as walls.

For regions where rain is a minority and/or not very intense, don't hesitate to use small cup rain chains or ring rain chains.


7. The last word :-)

In short, the small cup rain chain or the ring rain chain is a highly effective solution for regions with low to medium rainfall. For regions with higher rainfall rates, the large-cup rain chain solution should be favored.

As we've seen, the rain chain requires little or no maintenance, and evacuates water in a zen-like, pleasant and aesthetically pleasing way. If you're still hesitating about investing in a rain chain, or if you have any questions about which model to choose, our team is at your disposal by e-mail or telephone to guide you in your purchase.


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