Nos chaines de pluies : Medium Cup Stlye

In our catalog below, you will find our Large Cup Rain Chains:

- Pure copper, pure aluminum or stainless steel

- Heavy rain cup

- From 0.5 to 7 meters or made-to-measure

- Simple or colored version

- Original and design

- 10-year warranty

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Showing 1-20 of 20 item(s)

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Price €79.00
The Ankaa rain chain, with its modelled copper wire look, will delight you as it carries water from your gutter to its final destination with a...


Price €89.00
The rain chain's large copper cups ensure an even, channeled flow of water. This Centaure rain chain has a scaly style that's sure to complement...


Price €89.00
La chaine de pluie Altaïr et sa décoration en forme de chaudron rustique en pur cuivre, sera très esthétique en remplacement de votre descente de...


Price €145.00
The Capella rain chain in pure copper and its decorative bird and flower elements will look great in your garden and surprise your friends....


Price €89.00
The Antares rain chain in pure copper with a flower petal design will be the ideal decorative element in your garden. WaterFlow Index:...


Price €79.00
The Alioth rain chain is distinguished by its lightness and rounded shapes. The pure aluminum versions are available in red or green, are lighter...


Price €89.00
The Andromede rain chain, with its floral-style shape in pure copper, will look great while letting the water flow from your gutter to its final...


Price €79.00
The Hadar rain chain in pure aged copper and its cubic openwork design will be the ideal decorative element in place of your downspout. Design O...


Price €109.00
The Aldebaran rain chain is made up of pure copper watering-can-shaped cups.  Their surprisingly rustic style will bring a touch of humor to your...


Price €70.00
La chaine de pluie Accrux en pur cuivre travaillée et en forme d'entonnoir, vous offrira un spectacle d'une cascade de pluie devant votre maison...


Price €89.00
Beautiful beehive-shaped cups available in pure copper or pure aluminum, this is the simplest way to present the Electra rain chain. Its large...


Price €69.00
The Cassiopée rain chain, with its decorative oriental shape in pure copper, will look great while transporting water from your gutter to its...


Price €89.00
La chaîne de Pluie Canopus est très design avec son aspect de parapluie en pur cuivre, elle saura vous combler avec son effet sonore et son...


Price €70.00
Epsilon rain chains in pure aluminum are an aesthetic alternative to downspouts, and this rain chain lets you watch the water run down your house...

Alpha Lupi

Price €89.00
The Alpha Lupi rain chain in pure copper with its flower- and bowl-shaped decoration will look great in your garden, and mounts directly onto your...


Price €129.00
The Phenix rain chain combines a design of copper petals in 2 distinct metals. The large pure copper flowers are supported by brass bases....


Price €109.00
A modern design that's sure to attract attention; our new Pegasus rain chain features an Origami design with a black coating for added durability....

copy of Lotus

Price €149.00
The Rain Chain is a pure copper design in the shape of a double Lotus blossom that will delight you with its trickling sound effect, which you can...

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