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This index, which has been established for our entire range, is for guidance only.

It reflects the ability of our rain chains to channel the flow of water caused by rainfall, but can vary according to the specific characteristics of each roof (geographical location, materials, length, slope, etc.).


Waterflow index 1 :

Ring chains, such as our copper heart rain chain, our orion rain chain or the Maia chain, have the lowest index of 1.

Design O Garden | Chaine de pluie Maia

Because of their link design, they cause much more water droplet projection. Nevertheless, this can be an interesting option if you place it far enough away from walls.

With rain chain rings, you'll enjoy a truly pleasant torrent.


Waterflow index2 :

If you choose a rain chain with small cups, the water flow rate will be 2.

Standard gutter outlets have an outlet diameter of 80 mm.

In general, our small dish rain chains have a diameter of no more than 7.35 cm.

This parameter means that water will flow in and around the gutter. To channel the flow of water correctly, we offer a gutter reducer that reduces the diameter of the outlet to 45-50 mm.



Waterflow Index 3 :

This is the highest index you'll find in our catalog. It applies to large cup rain chains.

These rain chains have diameters in excess of 7.35 cm. They can be placed directly under the birth and will have no problem channelling the flow of water, even in severe weather.




All you need is a tape measure and a scale.

1- Simply measure from the bottom of your gutter up to the manhole at ground level. Make sure you position your tape measure as straight as possible (ask those around you for help if necessary).

2- The length measured corresponds to the length of the rain chain you need to order. Since the length of our rain chains can be customized, it's easy to order what you need. What's more, if you use the copper bowl available on our site, you'll have a chain about 25cm long to secure your rain chain.

3- Don't forget to subtract the height of anything you might use on the ground beneath your rain chain, such as a rainwater collector or similar...

Influence of length on operation

Most of the rain chains we offer are only sold up to 7 meters. This is because the longer the chain, the more splashing there is when it rains, especially with ring rain chains. We recommend using a rain chain reducer for longer ring rain chains to reduce splashing, or using this type of chain in sets of 3 to concentrate the flow of water in their center. Cupped rain chains work much better on longer lengths.

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