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Are rain chains difficult to install?

  • Rain chains are very easy to install. Each chain is supplied with its own "V" hook, which fits into the existing gutter opening and allows you to hang your rain chain from it.

  • No tools are required for this operation.

Does it matter where I install my rain chain?

  • A number of factors need to be taken into account when determining the ideal location for your new rain chain; first of all, consider the effect of splashing. If it's hung too close to a driveway or wall, passers-by and/or your wall may get a little wet in heavy rain. In general, chains made only of interconnected copper rings tend to be the most "splashy".

  • For a place where there's foot traffic nearby, chain downpipes that use cups might be more appropriate. They more easily support the flow of water from top to bottom. Secondly, it's best to have a prominent location. If you have a window near where your gutter drains, that's the ideal place. You'll be able to see and hear the rain up close without getting wet. You can even open the window a little and enjoy the sound of water cascading down the chain.


Are your rain chains 100% copper and 100% aluminium?

  • Yes, our rain chains are 100% copper and aluminum. They are not treated with anything, so they start to develop a beautiful patina relatively quickly (for copper models).


Does my geographical location matter?

  • Technically, no. You can install a rain chain in any region and in any country. It's just that, depending on the intensity of local rainfall, the result won't be the same. The southernmost regions benefit from less frequent rainfall than the northern ones.


Can some rain chains handle more water than others?

  • Yes, all our rain chains are rated according to a water flow index. This is an easy way to compare the amount of water each of our rain chains can handle. Splash" - the water that escapes from the chain - is also an important factor. You'll find the water flow rating on each rain chain product.

  • Rain chains with links can withstand a more limited amount of rain. In the event of a shower, some of the water will leave the chain and splash into the surrounding environment.

  • In general, rain chains designed as cups can hold more water, as their design directs the water directly down into the next cup.


Does wind have a negative impact on my rain chain?

  • We've never heard of any wind-related problems. Because of the open design, only very strong wind can cause some swaying, but this is minimal and shouldn't affect the rain chain's operation. Many of our customers place decorative pebbles or river stones in the basins of their rain chain to help secure it.


Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

  • For the time being, we do not sell wholesale products to retailers.


Is my credit card secure when I order online?

  • Very secure. We use 3D secure encryption - via our banking partner (CIC)


Do I need additional equipment to install my rain chain?

  • If you purchase a Large Cup rain chain, no additional equipment is required. On the other hand, if you choose a Small Cup model, you may need to install a reducer to reduce the diameter of your gutter outlet.


Will my rain chains last through the winter months?

  • Yes, rain chains stand up well to winter, even in very cold and icy climates.  The only precaution is to ensure that the weight of the ice on the rain chain does not become too heavy for the suspension hook.

  • Many of our customers live in the cold, snowy regions of France, and rain chains look very attractive when covered in ice or snow. Ice can melt during the day and refreeze at night, creating magnificent ice formations.


How does water flow with a rain chain?

  • Rain chains function like ordinary downpipes.  Apart from the aesthetic aspect, their function is simply to guide water to the ground.


Do I need gutters to hang a rain chain?

  • The most common way to install a rain chain is to replace a downspout.  However, some people without gutters have found creative ways of hanging a rain chain for decorative purposes only. So the answer is no, you don't necessarily need a gutter to use a rain chain, but you may need to get creative!


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